Los Angeles Chinese Alliance Church is a part of The Alliance.

Founded in 1969, LACAC was the first Chinese Christian & Missionary (C&MA) Alliance church established in the U.S.

The church began in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles with a mission to minister to overseas Chinese immigrants and students from Hong Kong. By God’s grace, the church continued to grow, and in 1981, the church purchased its first building on Glendale Boulevard.

Over the years, the Chinese population continued to grow, where many started relocating farther east in the greater Los Angeles area. As demographics within the community shifted, the church responded by relocating as well. Many Chinese churches sprang up in newly established communities in the San Gabriel Valley and areas east of Los Angeles. The spiritual need within these communities became much
more urgent.

To address the cultural changes and needs among this new generation and to follow God’s will to serve the Chinese American and immigrant community, the church started the relocation process to Alhambra in June 2002 after much thought and labor from members of the church. God made a way for the church as it moved into its current building a year later in June 2003. LACAC continues to make necessary adjustments to effectively serve the community in a variety of ministries.